Russell Buskirk’s years of vetting American furniture at the Winter Antiques Show as well as
his involvement with the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, Charleston
Museum, Historic Columbia Foundation and Historic Charleston Foundation
assure the integrity and accuracy of our consulting services.

After he missed the stamped signature mark on the
Carwithen desk, now in the MESDA Collection,
he strives to  inspect each part of the furniture more closely.
We can all learn from our mistakes.

Restoring and conserving furniture since 1986 gives Russell
a unique perspective to his approach in the inspection, research and identification of period
antique furniture and the inlay used to enhance them.
The acknowledgements in The Furniture of Charleston 1680-1820 perhaps say it best:
“the cabinetmaking skills of Russell Buskirk…
abilities to reveal details often missed and
to restore furniture to connoisseurs’ demands” and
"source of knowledge on Charleston cabinet practices…
Russell Buskirk…been inside more Charleston furniture than most of us will ever see"

Russell has the knowledge to place an object in an historical context but
his unsurpassed skill is the ability to assess the furniture and the condition
from the perspective of the cabinetmaker and the restorer.
This gives him great insight for the inspection, evaluation and
identification of period furniture.

Consulting services are available to individuals, dealers, appraisers, and institutions for
assessment of condition and identification of single pieces or collections.
Finding a specific piece for your collection, the  mate to a pair, or an en-suite piece
is a service that is also offered.
Russell Buskirk
Russell Buskirk
413 Fleming Road #12
Charleston, South Carolina
843-406-9861   843-364-3580
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Bought as an English table by the client
Attributed as a Newport table
by Russell Buskirk
Abbeville press
purchased  for client collection
Photo by Brunk Auction
Charleston secretary-dressing press
conserved and attributed
by Russell Buskirk
Charleston Bureau Bookcase
purchased  for client collection
Restored  and attributed  by Russell Buskirk
Deming  and Bulkley  c. 1820 card table
purchased for client collection
The mate to this table was located and reunited
photo by Brunk Auctions
Charles-Honorè Lannuier card table
purchased for client collection
Attributed by Russell Buskirk
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